Star Citizen, a fundraiser without limits: exceeded 500 million dollars

After kicking off the game’s space kart racing, the developers at Roberts Space Industries have announced that they have reached and passed share $ 500 million during Star Citizen’s long-running crowdfunding campaign.

The space simulator fundraiser is started in 2012and 10 years after the birth of the boundless Sci-Fi project, the authors have obtained an impressive economic support from the community.

Star Citizen has picked up to be exact $ 500,067 millionwith the title that counts today over 4 million players. Star Citizen managed to collect $ 77.121 million over the course of 2022. The title remains in development and Roberts Space Industries has over 50 different teams working on various updates, changes and fixes, and major conenutistic expansions such as Squadron 42, the single player campaign believed to be the spiritual successor to the Wing Commander series.

The development team keeps updating the roadmap with which it communicates to users the news regarding the game contents, including the various gameplay changes, new ships, weapons and places to visit. With regard to Squadron 42the expansion that collaborated with the likes of Mark Hammill and Gillian Anderson, we will still have to wait 1-2 years for its releaseas confirmed by the statements of Chris Roberts Industries: “It could take another 1 or 2 years. […] We want to finish the game, but it will only happen when it is ready.

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