Star Citizen continues to grind: Half a billion dollars for the endless project!

The funds for the space game Star Citizen continue to flow freely. This shows not least a look at the relevant section of the official website. There are the current statistics of the crowdfunding campaign to be found that present impressive numbers. Accordingly, the action could recently significant milestone reach.

Half a billion dollars for Star Citizen

As can be seen from the statistics, meanwhile more than 500 million dollars brought together through crowdfunding for Star Citizen. Exactly it is at the current time $500,177,318. The money comes from a total of nearly 4.1 million unique supporters. In purely mathematical terms, each of them has an average of about $122 paid to support the space game campaign.

As a reminder, the first Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen was launched in October 2012 and brought back then more than two million dollars a. According to this, another 498 million dollars have been added in the past ten years, which ultimately is one almost unbelievable amount for the development of a computer game. However, despite this long span of time, the project is still in alpha status, from the release version there is nothing to be seen far and wide.

Lots of unrest surrounding Star Citizen

Over the past few years, work on Star Citizen has been on and off of riots and other problems plagued. Among other things, there have been reports of threats of being fired from home office applications, an ever-changing roadmap, and the questionable prioritization of development of certain aspects of the space game. accordingly always criticism both the crowdfunding model and the use of the funds raised.

Source: official website

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