Star Ocean 6 The Divine Force demo is available for download

More concretely, this playable demo already seen at the Tokyo Game Show offers around two hours of play, from the start of the story of Raymond, the hero of this new adventure, until the arrival in the town of Dibel. Note that the content of this version differs slightly from the final version, with a limitation of certain functions, so that it will obviously not be possible to transfer your progress to the full game.

This version will in any case allow you to get a taste of this new episode still signed tri-Ace, whose lifespan is estimated at around thirty hours by its developers, as we learned during the show . But insofar as the game will regularly ask to choose between the point of view of Raymond or the heroine Laetitia when their paths diverge, it will obviously be necessary to go through it at least a second time to encompass all the events. The studio is also counting on the famous “Private Actions”, these sequences in the intimacy of the various members of the team which are triggered according to affinities, to inflate the lifespan among followers of 100%.

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