Star Trek Discovery: you won’t be able to watch season 4 on Netflix UK

Star Trek Discovery is leaving the Netflix catalog and the situation is quite gruesome.

While the broadcast of season 4 of Star Trek Discovery starts across the Atlantic, you may have noticed that the series has completely disappeared from Netflix. And a priori, she will not come back. The agreement between ViacomCBS and Netflix ended without being renewed, which means that Discovery leaves the catalog internationally.

Star Trek Discovery season 4 that you will not be able to watch on Netflix. // Source: Paramout +

Where to legally watch Star Trek Discovery in France, and when?

The situation caught fans of the series off guard, who did not fail to share their fury on social media. Actors like Anthony Rapp, who plays Paul Stamets, have share their ” dissatisfaction ” and their ” frustration ».

This made the Star Trek franchise react, which in a tweet entitled ” We heard you », Published a message explaining to seek to bring as quickly as possible an international access to this new season.

The problem is that Paramount +, the platform that produces and distributes Star Trek Discovery, is not available in many European countries… and not at all in France. You will therefore not be able to access it via this platform.

On the site of the Star Trek franchise, however, we learn that in France, this new season can be viewed on PlutoTV. This is an ad-supported free viewing platform (yes it’s TV in short).

The broadcast starts this Friday, November 26, 2021 with the first two episodes.

The site also specifies that in France as in other European countries, “ we will be making Season 4 available for purchase on participating online platforms, starting Friday November 26 “. This reference normally refers to the possibility of purchasing the season episode by episode, for example on iTunes, as is the case for certain series broadcast on American networks.

The situation remains relatively unclear: the PlutoTV platform is more than unknown, and information on the subject is not easy to access. It is difficult, in this context, not to conclude that a wave of piracy of season 4 is imminent … It is a shame to arrive at such an ubiquitous configuration, for a production of this magnitude of a major franchise .

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