Star Trek, Shovel Knight… 5 mobile games to discover!

Game News Star Trek, Shovel Knight… 5 mobile games to discover!

It is now a habit! We’re back this week to bring you a selection of mobile games. It’s not always easy to find your way around with all the new stuff, so don’t panic!

20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn immerses you in a scarlet Lovecraftian atmosphere. This roguelike already released on PC has met with great success with players. Create a unique build for each run with magic or various ranged weapons to survive an onslaught of monsters for 20 minutes. To customize your fights, you can choose between several available characters with unique statistics. Easy to learn and very addictive, enough to keep you busy for a few hours!

  • Already available on Android

My Monster Eats Furniture

My Monster Eats Furniture is a deeper mobile game than you might think. The characters Dylan and CAT take you on an emotional journey that tackles serious themes such as grief and love. Although this game is not devoid of humor, it remains very poignant. Level up, collect items and fight enemies all in an atmosphere that is both quirky and adult humorous.

  • Already available on iOS

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile

For all the Star Trek fans out there, this game might appeal to you. Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile is an idle game that takes place in a light and humorous atmosphere where the characters are ready to party. Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile is based on the adult cartoon of the same name. A new way to enjoy the characters and the famous universe of Star Trek where combat, mini-game and team member management await you. With new events happening several times a week, there are always new adventures to explore.

  • Already available on iOS and Android

Shovel knight Dig

A new installment of Shovel Knight Dig will soon be available. With an energetic soundtrack and an even more resplendent pixel art style than before, an ideal atmosphere to face all these new enemies in an all new adventure. Get out your shovel and fight Drill Knight and his team. A new opus which will delight the fans of the first hour, but which will convert many new followers.

  • Available September 23 on iOS and Android


Gris is an indie game released in 2018 that was very successful thanks to its writing and the beauty of its environment. You play as a young girl who has to face a painful experience. Your character will have to solve puzzles and navigate platforms. The more you progress, the more the levels will gain in color to illustrate the emotional development of the character. The game has almost no text but compensates for this with an explicit and delicate visual grammar. A delightful poetic game that shines with its atmosphere.

  • Available September 30 on iOS and Android

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