‘Star Walking’: Artist Lil Nas X Releases League Of Legends Worlds Theme Song; listen up

Singer Lil Nas X released the song Star Walking, theme this year’s League of Legends World Championship. The launch, which took place this week, also included the release of a video in animation format.

The clip highlights some of the iconic landmarks of San Francisco, the World Finals destination city, and professional League of Legends players of the past and present, who will compete in the tournament between September 29 and November 5.

The environment in which the clip takes place changes as the players move through the city, showing the relevance of sport in the culture and the mastery of each professional to leave their mark on the world.

Subliminal messages can be seen in almost every scene, from the regional league to giant characters, to trivia about professional players. Lil Nas X will sing Star Walking on World Finals in San Francisco on Saturday, November 5th.

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Recently, singer was named ‘president’ of the online game. Lil Nas X is currently on his sold out Long Live Montero world tour. The Chicago Sun-Times stated that “Lil Nas X appears as an icon in the making.”

Listen to the clip below Star Walking:

Worlds theme songs are a LoL tradition, getting the community in the mood for the most important championship of each season. They have been released since 2014 and have, annually, different styles, producers and performers.

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