Star Wars Andor: The finale was so incredibly dramatic

The Disney Plus series Andor has with episode 12 her Season 1 finale reached. In the last episode that came out this week, the Imperial pressure on Ferrix to the immeasurable. At the same time, this episode shows small insights into Star Wars history. Showrunner Tony Gilroy was previously keen to keep the Disney Plus series free of too many Star Wars references and Easter eggs in order to focus more on the characters. With this approach is Andor unlike anything seen before in the Disney era of Star Wars – except maybe the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Storyon which the series is based.

Spoiler alert: Following spoiler for the Finale of the Disney Plus series Andoralso for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

Cassian on the run

We meet Cassian Andor again in this episode after escaping from a horrible Imperial prison. He has returned to Ferrix to attend his adoptive mother’s funeral, Maarva Andorto participate. A large-scale burial was permitted by the Empire when Trap for Cassian.

The atmosphere in Ferrix is ‚Äč‚Äčtense, with Imperial forces everywhere. Among them is an ISB officer Dedra Meero, assigned to oversee the capture of Cassian. With her are too deathtrooper landed on the planet, the fans first in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have seen.

Another Star Wars Easter egg in this episode is Mon Mothma’s mention of the gambling planet Canto Bight to be named. She stages an argument with her husband, Perrin, accusing him of resuming his gambling addiction to cover up irregularities in their finances as she helps the rebellion.

Cassian himself keeps a low profile for most of the episode. He’s not only being hunted by the Empire, but also by Luther’s rebels, who plan to incapacitate him before he reveals their secrets should he be captured by the Empire. At the same time, the comeback of Syril’s Aldhani another danger.

A rebellion is ignited

The episode ends with a real rebellion, because the city’s residents use the funeral procession, which was intended as a trap against the Empire. Maarva Andor’s funeral takes a different turn than hers holographic final message calls the people of Ferrix to fight against the Empire. Similarities to Leia’s hologram, which Luke Skywalker called to action, are evoked here for fans.

Cassian seals his fate

And Cassian himself has to act at the end of the episode. He decides he doesn’t want to run anymore and wants to fight the Empire. As a result, he finally emerges from the shadows and faces Luthen on his ship Fondor in a final showdown.

Before Luthen can kill Cassian, Cassian suggests another option. Cassian wants Luthen to take him in and to one of his agents power. Of course, fans of Rogue One know that the decision to join the rebellion is to prepare for his eventual role in the film. After all, in the 2016 film, Cassian was already a high-ranking rebel spy as well as a skilled assassin. Joining Luthen is the first step towards that future for Cassian and his eventual demise on Scarif at the end of Rogue One.

Surprising post-credit scene

In episode 12 of Andor it is even worth waiting for the credits, because at the end there is a surprising one Post Credit Scene to find. In it, the fans will finally be told what the prisoners actually built on Narkina 5. It is shown how small droids the parts that Cassian and the other Narkina prisoners built, use to assemble the Empire’s superweapon. So the construction of the Death Star is in full swing.

This will play a big role in Cassian’s story, as he will be one of the brave heroes who sacrifice their lives to steal the Death Star’s plans for the Rebellion. The post-credits scene reveals that Cassian was unknowingly coerced into helping build the weapon that will eventually spell the end of him as well.

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