"Star Wars": "Andor"the series derived from "RogueOne"is postponed for a month

Prequel to RogueOnedevoted to the character of Cassian, a brave fighter in the line of Han Solo, Andor has been pushed back a month and will premiere on Disney+ in September.

Originally scheduled to air from August 31 on Disney+, the series Andor will finally be available on September 21 on the streaming platform. The first three episodes (out of twelve) will be available. In the meantime, a new trailer has just been unveiled.

Andor is a prequel to RogueOne (which was already a prequel to episode IV of Star Wars). Diego Luna returns to the role of Cassian, a brave adventurer in the line of Han Solo. Cassian is one of the protagonists who participated in RogueOne to the heroic mission of the film.

the showrunner Tony Gilroy, screenwriter Jason Bournebut also of RogueOnewhose additional filming he supervised, announced that Andor is located five years before RogueOne and will consist of two seasons of twelve episodes. The second will be shot next November.

Disney+ is preparing several series derived from Star Wars. A new season of The Mandalorian is also in production. Broadcast scheduled for February 2023. A spin-off devoted to the character of Ahsoka, played by Rosario Dawson, is also in full filming.

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