Star Wars: At first, Palpatine was just a minion to George Lucas

Did you know that originally Palpatine was just a minion to the “helpers and bootlickers he appointed to high office”? In any case, this is what the first Star Wars novelization in which George Lucas participated reveals.

Image 1: Star Wars: At first, Palpatine was just a minion to George Lucas
A totally different version © Lucasfilm

Palpatine remains a mystery man. The antagonist, who uses a lightsaber in the prequel for this reason, pulls the strings from the shadows. It was he who gave birth to Darth Vader by corrupting Anakin Skywalker. Not to mention that he appears in all of the Star Wars trilogies. But the place of the franchise’s most iconic villain could have been different. Originally, George Lucas’ vision gave it less importance.

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A totally different role in the first version

Image 2: Star Wars: At first, Palpatine was just a minion to George Lucas
A much less important character © Lucasfilm

There’s arguably no villain more evil than Palpatine in Star Wars. George Lucas himself compares him to the devil. It must be said that to say that the antagonist does not appear in A new hope if not through the whispers of his Imperial officers. In the first Star Wars novelization, George Lucas retains only Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin as figures of the Empire.

The prologue to this book, called Whills Diary, reveals the nature of Palpatine as George Lucas imagined him at the time. According to this passage, he is an ambitious senator who took advantage of the corruption of the Senate to get himself elected President of the Republic before declaring himself Emperor. Once in office, Palpatine is “ controlled by the assistants and creeps he had appointed to high office. The people’s cries for justice did not reach their ears “.

In the first Star Wars novelization, Palpatine is therefore a pawn, a minion for Imperial officers like Grand Moff Tarkin.

If George Lucas had stuck to this first version, Star Wars would not have the same face. Note that in the first version of the film A new hope, Palpatine is called Cos Dashit and is not a Sith Lord. His officers, like Darth Vader, would have turned against him in a plot to seize power.

Today, Palpatine represents the evil and temptation of all trilogies. What makes Star Wars a tale set in space? Its moral criticizes fascism and the military cult, two facets of the Empire.

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