Star Wars: Eleven from Stranger Things would have a central role in future films or series of the saga

Young star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven in Stranger Things) is in talks with Disney to play a starring role in future Star Wars films, according to The Mirror. Our colleagues indicate that a contract of 12 million pounds sterling, or 14 million euros, would be under negotiation.

Millie Bobbie Brown
Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) in Stranger Things © Netflix

May the Force be with her. The British star Millie Bobby Brown is about to go from Stranger Things to a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars fan has already had secret talks with several senior Disney executives, according to our colleagues at Mirror. The actress and her father, Robert (who is also her manager) are already friends with the big boss of the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy. Negotiations are ongoing.

A contract worth 14 million euros

At 18, the star actress of Stranger Things earns over $1 million per episode for the new season of the saga on Netflix, which is a hit. She could, however, get up to 15 times more by playing in a possible Star Wars film, as our colleagues specify. ” Millie is on Disney’s radar for new Star Wars projects “Said a source close to the British daily.

Will Millie Bobbie Brown be the new Rey? ” She has had contact with Kathleen, who is aware of her desire to appear in a film or play a central role in one of Disney’s new television projects.+” said the same source. A main role would therefore be at stake, even if nothing is less certain today. “ Disney executives know how much of an icon she already is for audiences aged 10 to 30, and most importantly, what it could mean to them. “.

no audition needed for Millie Bobbie Brown, according to the source of the daily. At Disney, the choice to opt for the young actress would already be made. ” She’s got the gravity to be the head of this universe “says the daily.

In 2022, Millie Bobbie Brown still has a few commitments to keep vis-à-vis Netflix, between the continuation of Stranger Things and Enola Holmes 2, which is coming soon to the streaming platform (and which she produces with her own company, PCMA productions). However, it could well begin to free up time by next year, as indicated by our colleagues. Just in time for a new trilogy? As a reminder, the foundations for a new Star Wars film would already be laid, with Taika Waititi behind the camera.

Source : The Mirror

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