"star Wars"-Fan vacation locations

The “Star Wars” saga spoils its fans with exciting landscapes, which, however, are on alien planets. But if you want to visit these places, you can stay on Earth.

“Lars Homestead” in Tunisia

Salt desert Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Hardangerjøkulen glacier in Norway

Wadi Rum in Jordan

Skellig Michael in Ireland

Redwood National Park in the USA

Tik’al ruins in Guatemala

If we go back a few years, we automatically land in the original film of the series, Episode IV, and thus on “Yavin IV” – one of the 26 moons of the gas giant “Yavin”. Here was not saved on temple ruinswhich fortunately didn’t have to be set up in the studio: The Maya built the Tik’al ruins in Guatemala around 1,300 years agoalthough they served other purposes at the time.

Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy

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