Stardew Valley: A mod introduces the ice cream truck.

With summer approaching, there is nothing better than a good ice cream. Even in a game like Stardew Valley. Yes, we are not crazy: thanks to a mod, in fact, it is now possible to consume a nice ice cream cone within the title produced by Eric Barone? Amazed? We too, but it must be said that the creativity of some modders often still manages to amaze us.

The mod is called Daphne’s Buildable Ice Cream Truck and it’s basically a mod that introduces an ice cream truck in full American style within our Stardew Valley game. Thanks to this add-on, a real NPC shop will appear on the map, Daphne, who will be introduced through a letter. From here on it will be possible to buy some creations of her and although virtual, this mod manages to add a touch of summer even within Eric Barone’s game. It will also be possible to customize the ice cream truck: Daphne will be able to sell her sweet in three different vans in blue, green and pink.

If you are intrigued by this mod, well, know that you can download everything a this address. But be careful: for its correct functioning you need additional add-ons. The first is called Solid Foundations and the second, instead, Shop Tile Framework. On the Nexus web page dedicated to the ice cream truck, however, you will find all the references to download the files necessary for installation.

The ice creams in the world of Stardew Valley were already present. In this case the mod introduces a not just peculiarity, or the possibility of buying them directly inside the farm, complete with the iconic pickup truck that we often see in US-produced movies and TV series. A good way to save some time, don’t you think? Keep following Tom’s Hardware for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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