Starfield and the background of the Xbox show: Pete Hines is moved by citing the postponement to 2023

The announcement of the postponement of a video game affects not only the fans but also the developers and producers themselves, engaged for years in the realization of a dream that required enormous sacrifices and a lot of dedication from them. To remind us is an off-air video of the Xbox Showcase starring Pete Hines.

In the phases immediately following the airing of the digital show prepared by Microsoft last June 12, the vice president of the marketing division of Bethesda took the stage to thank those present for the patience and understanding shown, especially thinking about the postponement of Starfield and Redfall to the 2023.

Addressing those in attendance, Pete Hines almost came to tears explaining to them that “I really hope you enjoyed Redfall and Starfield. The past two years have been a great challenge, not just for us but for all of you. Postpone a video game it’s always a painful decision because we know your enthusiasm and passion. We really hope that you will soon be able to see the great video games we are working on and have yet to complete. I thank you with all my heart for being here with us, both to those who attended the event from these stands and to those who followed us from home. For us it really means a lot “.

During the Xbox Extended Showcase, Hines himself provided some interesting advances on Starfield’s gameplay and the boarding of spaceships, underlining the exquisitely free roaming nature and the absolute freedom offered to those who, in the 2023will explore the next space work from the authors of Fallout 4 and Skyrim on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Game Pass.

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