Starfield, new artwork: ‘It will be a 2022 full of discoveries’, assures Bethesda

Not enough the enthusiasm aroused by Todd Howard in reporting the great progress in the development of Starfield, the social networks of Bethesda again turn to fans of the expected blockbuster RPG to share a new artwork and invite them to expect a 2022 “full of discoveries”.

The shot proposed to us by the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary ideally brings us back to the alien planets of Starfield to let us admire one of the many exploration missions in which users will have to embark to discover the secrets of the cosmos and “answer the greatest mystery of humanity. “, as remarked by the same US developers since the announcement of the title.

The latest artwork, already glimpsed in one of Bethesda’s recent video development diaries, turns out to be even more interesting if contextualized with the accompanying social caption: the team directed by Howard invites us to consider the image as the metaphor of “a new year full of discoveries”.

What ‘discoveries’ can Bethesda ever refer to? The hope of the fans is obviously to attend the Starfield Gameplay Reveal as soon as possible, in order to understand how far the authors of TES 5 Skyrim and Fallout 4 will have pushed themselves to evolve the graphics sector and the playful experience of their blockbuster open world drawing on the power of the Xbox Series X / S and the latest generation of PCs. In the meantime, we invite you to read our special on Starfield, the space opera of Bethesda to be released onNovember 11, 2022 also on Xbox Game Pass.

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