Stars of How I Met Your Mother are in How I Met Your Father! (spoiler)

Good news for fans of How I Met Your Motherstars of the series make appearances in How I Met Your Father, new fiction with Hilary Duff available on Disney+. Télé-Loisirs tells you who it is! Warning, spoilers.

Barney, Ted, Marshall, Lily or even Robin… Who of these heroes will make their arrival in the first season of How I Met Your Father ? Since Wednesday May 11, the spin-off of How I Met Your Mother is available on the Disney+ streaming platform. This new series focuses on Sophie (played by Hilary Duff in the young version and by Kim Cattrall in the older version) telling her son, in the near future, the story of her meeting his father. A story that brings us back each time to today’s New York where the heroine, as well as her band of friends – made up of Jesse (Chris Lowell), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran), Valentina (Francia Raisa) and Sid (Suraj Sharma) – are discovering who they are and what they want from love.

Two actors from How I Met Your Mother resume their role in How I Met Your Father

If a few winks at How I Met Your Mother are to be discovered over the course of the episodes of How I Met Your Father, one of the biggest surprises comes towards the end of the first season. The penultimate episode of this unprecedented salvo has indeed called on actors Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Bell Bundy to reprise their respective roles of Captain, Zoey’s ex-husband, and Becky, his third wife (and former co-worker). -anchor of Robin at Metro News 1). The episode begins with a Captain being unfaithful as he happens to be in bed with another woman. Moments later, Becky overhears her husband’s villainous nap. Back then on the 58-year-old Sophie, who remembers this betrayal. Nevertheless, she does not reveal to her son how “this cheating couple and their boating quirks” are linked to his own love story. But “this case will be important later“, she assures him. The suspense is therefore complete!

Robin (Cobie Smulders) appears in the finale of How I Met Your Father

Even if these returns will please fans of How I Met Your Mother, you did not think that the series was going to reserve you this only surprise! Of course not, and be careful, this one is big: Robin ScherbatskyCobie Smulders also makes a remarkable appearance in the finale of the first season of How I Met Your Father. As Sophie goes to MacLaren’s Pub (yes, it’s the same as the one in the parent series), she crosses paths with Robin. The famous journalist buys Sophie a scotch – and salutes Carl the bartender at the same time! – then gives the young woman sage advice on romantic relationships. For the rest, we let you watch…

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