Start of shooting for the six-part series event “June” (MDR/ARD Degeto/NDR) in Halle

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Start of shooting for the six-part series event

Leipzig (ots)

Lea Drinda, Franziska Weisz and Jörg Schüttauf have been in front of the camera in Halle (Saale) and the surrounding area since November 14 for the drama series “Juni” (working title). The six-part series about young activists in a generation conflict with their parents is being shot by VIAFILM under the direction of MDR in co-production with ARD Degeto and NDR. The expected broadcast date is the end of 2023 in the first.

The fictional starting point: Halle, 2023. A clash between various youth groups and the police escalates on the market square. It ends in looting, arrests and one seriously injured. This evening changes the lives of a handful of environmental activists around 17-year-old Luise and is the trigger for her political radicalization. Luise begins to distrust the adults more and more, especially her mother, who works as a police officer in a unit for juvenile delinquents.

‘Juni’ tells why young people no longer trust their parents to find solutions to the problems of our time. The creators of the series are Marianne Wendt and Christian Schiller, who was born in Halle. “It’s about the gap between the generations, between children and parents. It’s about deep rifts: between young and old, but also between Halle-Neustadt and the old town, between rich and poor, between left and right,” Wendt and Schiller describe the intention.

Johanna Kraus, head of the television film department at MDR: “A young, up-to-date series from the heart of our society – that’s ‘June’. Halle an der Saale is home to the diverse characters of history and is noticeably intertwined with their stories. With the young people we meet the contradictions of our time. We see two generations confronting each other in parents and young people: powerless and at a loss, but not without love.”

Go to content: Luise (Lea Drinda) and other young environmental activists want to prevent the operator (Jörg Schüttauf) of a company that illegally disposes of waste from being able to escape conviction through his good contacts in politics. To do this, Luise uses the position of her mother Catrin (Franziska Weisz), who, as a police officer with a focus on juvenile offenders, investigates in the “House of Juvenile Law” and is in close contact with the public prosecutor’s office and youth welfare office.

Meanwhile, the police and youth welfare office in the “House of Youth Rights” are being pushed to their limits by intensive offender Dennis (Florian Geißelmann). He is fighting for recognition and for being able to move back in with his family. He lives in a supervised youth flat share, which Luise’s father (Shenja Lacher) looks after as a social worker.

Luise, Dennis and the young people are confronted with the double standards of adults in different ways and keep asking themselves the question: In which world do I want to live and how far am I willing to go for it?

“Juni” (AT) is a co-production by MDR, ARD Degeto, NDR and VIAFILM, funded by FFF Bayern and nordmedia. Directed by Charlotte Rolfes (“Tatort”, “Ms. Jordan Equals”). Fabian Rösler directs the camera. Florian Geißelmann, Mina-Giselle Rüffer, Joshua Hupfauer, Chieloka Jairus, Han Nguyen, Shenja Lacher, Robin Sondermann, Küf Kaufmann, Natalia Rudziewicz and many others also play other roles alongside Lea Drinda, Franziska Weisz and Jörg Schüttauf. The head authors of the series are Marianne Wendt and Christian Schiller, who wrote the screenplays together with Magdalena Grazewicz. The six-part drama series is edited by Johanna Kraus (MDR), Denise Langenhan (MDR), Christoph Pellander (ARD Degeto) and Philine Rosenberg (NDR). Producers are Benedikt Böllhoff (VIAFILM) and Max Frauenknecht (VIAFILM). The creative producer is Marianne Wendt. Shooting will continue until mid-February 2023 in Halle and the surrounding area, Munich and Hanover.

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