Start the second autopsy on the fan of Gimnasia César "lolo" regueiro

The body of the gymnastics fan Cesar “Lolo” Regueiro He will undergo a second autopsy operation this Thursday morning to try to clarify the doubts regarding his tragic death. For the family it was a violent, traumatic death and they question whether it was the product of heart failureas expressed by the widow Claudia Nievas in dialogue with The application was filed by lawyers Marcelo Pena Y Julian Rimada (who represent the Regueiro family) and accepted by the prosecutor John Menucci.

Strictly speaking, the new expertise was to be carried out last Tuesday but it could not be done due to the advanced state of decomposition of the body, judicial sources confirmed to The new diligence was scheduled for today at 8.

“The body was transferred with all security measures and placed in a refrigerated chamber to momentarily stop the degradation process. Once that objective is achieved, it will be taken to the operating table for a second autopsy.”detailed spokesmen for the case.

“We have already proposed an expert witness, the main point of expertise is to determine if there is a possibility that it was a violent death and not due to natural causes,” said the lawyer. Marcelo Pena in contact with this medium. The doctor Virginia Creimer It will be the professional from the party proposed by the family to witness the reautopsy and prepare a report with its conclusions.

Regueiro’s wife remarked that there are many things that “they don’t close” of the moments in which her husband was transferred from the gymnastics field to the health center of 1 and 70. “I saw my husband in the hospital and I didn’t see any blows, nothing. As the people came in, including my daughters, they saw blood on my husband’s head. The doctor who was there, the resident, and the UTOI Police saw my daughter’s hand get bloody and go to wash. They make her clean there.”he stressed.

According to her account, there are several witnesses who saw “the blood and the patch that was placed” on her husband. “We noticed that the shirt was very high. Of 50 witnesses in the hospital, 30 saw the patch. I have already presented it to my lawyer”.

Continuing with her testimony, Claudia recalled that Lolo’s body was from La Plata to Lomas de zamora to perform the autopsy. “All his clothes were put in a red bag. When the body returned to the city for burial, that bag was left in my son-in-law’s car. As he asked me for the shirt, my daughter went to see and we found it : the whole part of the neck full of blood”he emphasized.

Notoriously outraged by the situation, Nievas pointed against the doctor who treated him at the 1 and 70 hospital and the specialists who did the autopsy. “What are they hiding from me? Both the doctor who treated him and the autopsy. There she says that there is no scratch. We want a new autopsy with an expert witness and a family doctor. I want everything to come to light and that there be Justice,” she claimed.

In that sense, he said that his daughter told him that “Lolo left the court and vanished.” “He spoke to my daughter and told her ‘I’m fine’. Right there they fired another tear gas and the Police continued to repress closely”he stressed.

Regarding the investigation, he pointed out that through the videos they were able to locate the agents who repressed Regueiro. “Is it so difficult for the people who are investigating to determine how far away the police were from my husband? That is why we are asking for the cameras. We have already identified the group that shot him and the ambulances. There is little left to find, we want them to Everyone help us. We don’t want it to be another case,” he said.

Finally, Claudia asked for the help of all gymnastics fans who have videos and testimonials to contribute to the cause investigating the death of her husband. “They killed a fan that the whole world knew,” she concluded.

Lolo Regueiro died that night at the Bosque stadium and dozens of fans were injured by rubber bullets after the repression of the Buenos Aires Police against a crowd that was on the outskirts of the field with the intention of entering.

Regueiro suffered a decompensation as a result of the unbreathable atmosphere due to tear gas, he was treated on the spot and transferred by private ambulance to San Martín, where he arrived lifeless.

The death of the Gimnasia fan, which occurred after the match with Boca Juniors was suspended 9 minutes into the first half, was condemned by both clubs and also by the Argentine Football Association (AFA), among others.

The Justice is investigating whether the incidents could have been caused by an overselling of tickets for the match. Within this framework, personnel of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) raided the social headquarters of the mens sana club where they inspected all the facilities and offices of the property. In addition, they seized documentation and elements that will be analyzed by the investigators of the case.

Prosecutor Menucci has already accused the president of Gym, Gabriel Pellegrinoto the owner of the Departmental Headquarters of La Plata, Commissioner Sebastian PereaY that of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports Shows (APREVIDE), edward aparicioamong others.

The head of the police operation, commissioner Juan Manuel Gorbaranwas arrested for malicious damage followed by death. Nahuel Falconauthor of the three shots against the cameraman fernando riverowas indicted for “Minor injuries qualified to be committed by a police officer”.

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