Starting next month, retirement and pensions will increase by 15%

The retirements, pensions and universal allowances will increase by 15% as of June 1. In this way, the minimum amount will go to 37,524 pesos, while the AUH (Universal Child Allowance) will be 7,332 pesos, according to the ANSES National Social Security Administration).

From this new Government measure, the retirements and assignments will accumulate a rise of around 29.12% during the first semester of this year. The update of benefits is expected to reach more than 7.2 million retirees, pensioners and more than 9 million children and adolescents throughout the national territory.

Fernanda Raverta, head of the ANSES.

“Based on the mobility formula that updates salaries every three months, retired women and men are going to have an increase of 15 percent, this being the largest increase since the mobility formula is in force,” said Fernanda Ravertahead of the ANSES, in a press release regarding the retirements.

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