Startup says reduce to "almost zero" entrepreneur’s financial routine

Nimbly, a Brazilian startup, claims to reduce to “almost zero” the daily work of entrepreneurs, CFOs and financial analysts from other businesses. Your service automates the main flows of back office (‘back office’ services) of companies, such as billing and payment of bills.

The platform, through artificial intelligence, receives the payment slips directly from the suppliers, validates the amount due and sends it directly to the bank. For recurring charges, invoices or slips are issued and sent by email to the paying customer. The system even creates billing rules, a type of script to systematically notify debtors.

Henrique Netzka, CEO and founder of the startup, opened the first company at the age of 19 with the aim of developing personal finance organization software. “Within this journey, we solved many situations in the back office that the ERP [sistema de gestão empresarial] did not respond natively. In other words, I understood that even the most complex programs in the world did not meet the demands of Brazilian companies”, he explains.

Founder of startup Nimbly left organization for financial automation (Image: Reproduction / Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash)

In 2012, Netzka conceived the Tático ERP, a simpler platform, but still very robust and modeled for the needs of the national market. In 2019, he realized that he needed to create a product that moved away from the finance organization and focused on automating them. From that vision, the company “pivoted” (changed approach) and became Nimbly the following year.

Last year, the startup participated in a pre-seed round and raised BRL 1 million with Bossanova Investimentos and Alvarez & Marsal. The investment expanded the commercial and customer success area. Currently, the startup’s market value is R$ 20 million.

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