Startups unite to become power in technology education in Brazil

The education startup Digital House — focused on teaching data, marketing, user experience and other aspects of the digital world — announced this Wednesday (13th) the merger with Rocketseat, a platform created in Santa Catarina for learning programming. The value of the operation was R$ 150 million, paid in cash and also with exchanges of shares between the companies.

According to a post by Rocketseat on LinkedIn, the merger should accelerate the expansion strategy in training talent for the technology market. Also, according to the state, students from both institutions will have more content and will have training at all levels, from basic to advanced. Corporate clients who want to hire Digital House will also have a better portfolio of courses.

Digital House emerged in Argentina and opened its Brazilian branch in São Paulo. In March of this year, it announced a round of investments of more than R$280 million. The leading investors at the time were Mercado Livre and Globant, with the participation of the private equity firm Riverwood Capital and the Kaszek fund. THE edtech there are courses that last from five to six months with values ​​close to R$ 7,000.

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Image: Christina/Unsplash

The school of coding (programming codes) Rocketseat currently has more than 400,000 students. On December 1st and 2nd, it will promote the virtual and free event DoWhile, with programmers from all over the country presenting cases and performing workshops. Its model is by subscription, with classes from professionals from different backgrounds, but it also offers free content.

“Brands remain independent, but we are going to exchange all the resources we can on both sides,” he told the state Robson Marques, co-founder and CEO of Rocketseat. “We have a content production network that Digital House can leverage and there is a very strong teacher network that Rocketseat can leverage. The communities will grow stronger.”

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