State dams, double their level than in 2022

State dams, double their level than in 2022

Chihuahua.– The ten main dams in the state of Chihuahua are exactly double their general storage capacity compared to the year 2022, cut to this Saturday, March 18.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) provided yesterday the “Current Situation of the Main Dams of Chihuahua”, where the total volume was 3 thousand 268 million cubic meters (Mm3) of water.

Exactly one year ago, on March 18, 2022, the volume that these same dams had was 1,615 million cubic meters, and in 2021 it was even less, with 1,261 Mm3.

The person in charge of Social Communication of the Conagua, Julieta Solís, confirmed to El Diario that the situation is better this year for agricultural activities, as well as livestock.

This is thanks to the good rainfall that occurred at the end of the rainy cycle last year, mainly between the months of August and September.

The current percentage of storage in the dams is 80 percent, while in 2022 it was only 39.6 percent.

The dam that currently registers the most water intake is La Boquilla, with 2 thousand 136 million cubic meters; It is followed by Francisco I. Madero, with 313.52 Mm3; the Luis L. León dam, with 287 Mm3; San Gabriel, with 237 Mm3; El Inkwell, with 77.3 Mm3; Las Lajas, with 72.98 Mm3, and the Abraham González dam, with 72.50 million cubic meters.

It is followed by Pico del Águila, with 42.62 Mm3; the Chihuahua dam, with 21.21 Mm3, and the El Rejón dam, with 5.95 million cubic meters.

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