State government: Is there a risk of parents getting angry about corona tests in daycare centers and schools?

The education union GEW calls the rules “vague” in suspected cases and fears burdens for the “educational partnership”.

According to the education union GEW, the black-green state government has “pre-programmed conflict potential” with the new corona rules in daycare centers and schools. “Vague regulations” had been decided on how to deal with children in the course of a day if there was a suspicion of corona, criticized GEW state chair Ayla Çelik on Monday in Düsseldorf.

According to the new “Corona Action Concept”, the teacher should decide from next week in case of doubt whether a test is necessary and “whether further participation in class is justifiable in the case of severe symptoms”. In the meantime, the educational staff in the day care centers can make the care of a child with typical corona symptoms dependent on the confirmation of a negative rapid test made at home.

“The parenting partnership is affected”

“I believe that the educational partnership with parents in day care centers and schools will be affected,” said Çelik. Expecting educators to make a corona forecast is too much to ask. Even the suggestion of a test could “quickly be interpreted as pressure or manipulation,” according to the GEW chair. Parents have very different perspectives on the pandemic.

The state government had pointed out that the federal legal framework for stricter measures such as a nationwide mask or general test requirement is currently missing. The GEW, on the other hand, complained that precautions had not been taken under the responsibility of the state, such as a streamlining of the funding criteria for air filters. The country’s million-dollar program has not been called up for months because the devices can only be bought by the municipalities under certain conditions.

A13 for everyone within 100 days – GEW insists on promises

When Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) promised to pay all primary and secondary school teachers better within 100 days (A13 for everyone), the GEW black-green warned against producing disappointments. “The clock is ticking,” says Çelik. It is incomprehensible why a year-long “step-by-step plan” had to be drawn up for better pay.

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