Steam Deck: the new update brings a lot of new features

The Steam Deck is selling very well but users have been complaining for several weeks (see more) about absent/missing features. The new update responds to some requests.

To put it simply, the Last update of the Steam Deck adds a feature that allows players to easily adjust performance settings depending on the game they are playing. Something in high demand and we can understand why.

The novelty that improves performance options

Players can now configure game-specific performance settings directly through the quick access menu. In practical terms, this means that instead of going through and changing the Steam Deck’s performance settings every time you want to change them, you can instead set up custom performance profiles for each game you play.

According to the patch note, every game started on the console will use the default system performance settings, and so it’s up to players whether they want to create custom profiles.

THE novelty that everyone is waiting for on the Steam Deck

Among the other new features, and fundamental for performance, we find the possibility of connecting the Steam Deck to an external screen. The interface will be scaled and the resolution will change to 1280 x 800 pixels. In short, you will have the impression of having a Switch but with PC games. Too bad the definition can not go up in Full HD.

Note however this detail which is important “More work on this feature is in progress”. Finally, the rest of the update brings a number of fixes and minor improvements including theThe full list can be found here.

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