Steampunk adventure Gunbrella announced

Doinksoft, the developers behind the pink, black and white metroidvania game Gato Roboto, used yesterday’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase to showcase their steampunk-scented, side-scrolling adventure Gunbrella (see trailer HERE).

During the short announcement trailer, we got to see how the main character navigated through a charming pixelated world filled with gangsters, occult companies and meter-high fur monsters. With the help of your umbrella called Gunbrella (fun huh?), You can fortunately both protect yourself, glide and shoot wildly around you.

According to us at the editorial office, Gunbrella was definitely one of the cooler announcements at yesterday’s somewhat overwhelming show. Unfortunately, there is no set launch date yet, but we have to make do with “sometime in 2023”. The formats that apply are PC and Nintendo Switch.


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