Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina – ER still wears his wedding ring

It’s always so nice to say: “Close your eyes and through!”

Or in the case of the former Schlager dream couple: “The show must go on!”

It simmered for quite a while Stefan Mross (46) and Anna-Carina (30) finally came out with the truth and announced their separation almost two weeks ago. After six years of relationship and two years as husband and wife, the ARD presenter and the singer had to admit that their love wasn’t strong enough.

But even if things don’t work out privately anymore, as a Schlager duo they still have obligations and are on stage together.

And at the weekend, their fans were amazed at the Christmas market in Essen-Steele…

Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina actually went through their performance together despite the separation. She stood a little further back, he in front of her. And he kept looking for her closeness and eye contact with his estranged wife. So privately they keep their distance, while on stage they are both full professionals.

Eyewitnesses report to BILD that Anna-Carina did not return his advances on stage and that the mood between the former Schlager dream couple seemed cool.

And one detail surprised the spectators on site: Stefan Mross still wears his wedding ring, Anna-Carina has long since taken off hers.

After their separation, their performances are no longer quite as harmonious: Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack

After their separation, their performances by Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack no longer seem quite as harmonious

Photo: Schneider Press

Why did the two split up? Stefan and Anna-Carina are still silent about this. But even if it was simply irreconcilable differences that ultimately made up the step of the breakup, he doesn’t seem to have quite finished with her yet, as the ring on his right ring finger proves.

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