Stefano Salvini throws a daring phrase at his ex-partner Johanna San Miguel: “Then I threw… at you”

the journalist Kathy Sheen highlighted, through their social networks, the recent meeting that they staged johanna san michael and his ex, Stefano Salvini, last weekend. The former television reporter broadcast the moment in which the model threw herself into the pool and the ‘chata’ asked her to do it again.

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“Are they not? I think they’re done… Stefano Salvini and Johanna San Miguel come in and out, they wake up apparently together… they’re done, aren’t they? Look at what happened this weekend and listen, above all, to what Stefano Salvini says to Johanna San Miguel”, announced the communicator in her Instagram stories.

In the images, the EEG host is heard asking her ex-partner to jump back into the pool, to which he responds with a mischievous phrase that was taken by some as a “double meaning”. “Then I’ll shoot you”replied the actor while showing himself with his clothes soaked and ‘dead’ of cold.

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“No, no, they are not only going to have dinner, it is already lunch, breakfast and especially dessert. Could it be that where there was fire, the ashes never went out? The coal is still warm, red, boiling. They are happy, they play each other that way, they spent the weekend together, so we’ll see what happens between the two of themsaid Kathy Sheen.

TROME - Stephano Salvini and his daring phrase to Johanna San Miguel:
Johanna San Miguel and Stephano Salvini were together over the weekend.


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