Steffo admits the private decision off air: "Had to"

The host star made a bold decision…

There are many at home on the TV sofas who have Steffo Törnquist as their favorite in the box. His inimitable style seems to be a real recipe for success, and it seems almost everything he does creates a reaction.

Now he’s sharing a bold, and luxurious, decision in his private life that will make his followers drop their jaws.

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The damage during the hunt

With 66 years behind her, Steffo Törnquist shows no major signs of wanting to retire. At least not when it comes to interests and other pastimes. He has previously stated that he will step down in time in Nyhetsmorgon, because he is waiting for his wife Caroline, who will eventually retire.

To say the least, Steffo has some pleasures to spend her time on when the time has come. He has a great interest in both hunting and golf, as well as a penchant for luxury cigars.

But it doesn’t always work out. Last week he shared a picture from a hunting round that ended fatally – the duck he shot landed on his nose resulting in a less bloody incident!

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Expensive decision

Now Steffo has once again devoted herself to luxurious interests, but this time it concerns a really dizzying purchase. On his Instagram, he says that he met an American pen designer, David Oscarson. David must have been impressed, because Steffo tells us that he had to hit a pen!

Nor is it just any ballpoint pen, according to News24 the pen goes for a staggering 6,300 dollars, which is around 68,000 Swedish kronor – for a pen!

But of course it is beautiful, and one has to assume that he will not write very much with it to keep it in top condition!

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Photo: TT

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