Steffo Törnquist pension decision – disappears from Nyhetsmorgon: "Can not stand"

Steffo Törnquist has decided. He will soon retire, he tells Hänt.

After the commercial: 5 things you did not know about Steffo Törnquist


With his 22 years in Nyhetsmorgon, Steffo Törnquist, 66, is a real veteran and also a big viewer favorite.

Yes, it is almost difficult to imagine a News Morning without Steffo, but one day we will be so badly forced.

And unfortunately, that day seems to be approaching by leaps and bounds. Now Steffo talks about the pension plan for Happened.

Steffo Törnquist tells – retires

When Svensk Dam spoke to Steffo last year, he gave a reassuring message about his future in Nyhetsmorgon:

– I’m probably still a couple of years, we’ll see, he said then.

– I do not intend to quit now, I’m holding on for a while.

Now the host comes with a new offer to Hänt: Already after the election, he goes down in time on Nyhetsmorgon.

– I have worked two days a week for 25 years. The purpose of going down to one day is that I will have a few more years to go. I’m waiting for my wife who’s a little younger than me. When she retires then I can retire, I can not stand two more days, he says to the site.

To Svensk Damtidning he develops in a text message:

“The idea of ​​going down to one broadcast a week is that I should be strong, preferably for a few more years. Each broadcast is a marathon and I’m not 25 anymore. And I’ll wait with retirement until my wife Carro stops working, she is a few years younger and having fun with his law degree “.

TV4’s unexpected message – they are new presenters in Nyhetsmorgon!

Steffo Törnquist’s plan for the future

Sad of course, but at the same time you have to be happy that Steffo does not disappear from the program completely!

What should Steffo do with all the time that is released? Enjoy, as he does best!

“Filling the time will be zero problem, it will be writing books, hunting, golfing, smoking a cigar and Knistad Herrgård (where I am chairman and co-owner) is in a fun and expanding phase,” he writes to Svensk Dam.

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