Steffo’s message about the future in Nyhetsmorgon – after all these years

For over 20 years, Steffo has been seen in Nyhetsmorgon, now the popular profile comes with an announcement about the future of the program.

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Steffo Törnquist, 66, is a familiar face to many Swedes, to say the least.

Since 2000, he has been one of the presenters of TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon and we have seen several profiles by his side over the years. Including Jenny Strömstedt, 50.

Now Steffo reveals what his future in the program looks like.

Can no longer work with the colleague

For a long time, Jenny Strömstedt and Steffo Törnquist were an extremely popular host couple in Nymo. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the thunder duo together and it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

Fortunately, Jenny and Steffo are good friends outside of work as well and have spent a lot of time this summer. Steffo also wooed Jenny with cake together with Jenny’s husband, Niklas Strömstedt, 64, on her birthday last week.

Steffo’s message about the future in Nyhetsmorgon

There have been a few different faces and also a lot of summer substitutes in Nyhetsmorgon during the summer. However, Sofia Geite, 40, has come to be the person we most often see by Steffo’s side on the morning sofa.

Today Steffo started her 44th season of Nymo with Sofia and we will see more of the duo in the future. Steffo reveals that on Instagram.

“Wow, tomorrow I start my 44th season at NyMo (no jump-Jerka right away, but it’s so damn fun) I’ve been lucky over the years to have regular partners who were sharp journalists with a lot of giggles in their eyes: Lotta Mossberg, Anna Lindmarker, Jempa Strömstedt. And now Sofia Geite,” writes the profile under a picture of herself and the couple’s horse. He continues:

“now there will be a little bump in here and there and here and there, but when the election is over and the NyMo schedule is stabilized we will run Fridays together hope you will tune in tomorrow it is admittedly Saturday (and we broadcast on Sunday too) but it will still be a great program” (sic!).

Of course we miss Jenny and Steffo as host couple, but Sofia and Steffo are also an incredible duo! We look forward to seeing more of them.

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Photo: TT, Instagram/steffo56

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