Steps to change the storage folder of the video games you download from Steam

The hosting site of each download on the PC will determine the operation of the application or file. A memory without a good capacity is the enemy of a program that has been installed. And for video games you download from Steam, if you don’t have the insufficient storage is not going to be optimal performance.

Those who enjoy a good economy, are simply going to buy a new PC that has all the characteristics that are needed for the development of graphics and high-level processes, such as that of today’s video games.

But those who do not have a large pocket make a great effort to add an SSD with good capacity to the machine and thus improve the equipment.

However, despite these modifications, video games sometimes continue to run slowly, with pauses, decomposition or bugs.

What’s going on? Possibly after you installed the SSD you didn’t change the downloads folder.

Therefore, based on an excellent explanation of hard zonewe tell you what are the steps to follow so you can change the download folder on your PC when you have a new SSD.

How to Change Steam Game Downloads Folder

  • First of all, you must enter the video game platform and select the Steam option.
  • That will cause a menu to be displayed and there you will choose “Parameters”.
  • Then you go to the “Downloads” option and there look for the part that says: “Steam Library Folders”.
  • You will get a window titled Storage Manager and below the folder where your games are downloaded.
  • Next to it there is a sign (+) and that is where you are going to choose the SSD to download your video games.

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