Stian (36) was thrown out of the hotel: – Just wants to go home

– We are sitting at the reception and hope that this will work out, says Stian Tønessen to TV 2.

Together with their roommate, Justyna Wiecheckha-Graczyk, they are ready with packed suitcases, despite the fact that they were not going home until next Friday.

Disappointed with the travel company

The couple from Tønsberg were to enjoy a two-week well-deserved holiday in Alanya in Turkey. Swimming and cycling were what would occupy their time.

– We got up early, went on a bike ride and spent large parts of the day on the beach.

Their hotel is located on the east side of Alanya beach, which can be reached in a few minutes’ walk.

– Our holiday is ruined. The situation is stressful. We are incredibly disappointed with the travel company, he says.

In an email to TV 2, Detur writes that they are canceling the entire remainder of the 2022 charter season. See Detur’s full response further down in the matter.

Got a message in the middle of the night

TV 2 has been in contact with several tourists in Turkey who are experiencing problems with the tour operator Detur. Several flights have been canceled and many are being rebooked to earlier flights home.

– We were woken up at 01.00 on the night of Friday and were asked to check out of the hotel, says Tønnessen.

He says that they had received an e-mail at 10 pm the day before, but that they went to bed early. Thus, they had not received the nasty message about an abrupt return home.

– We received new tickets in the e-mail. Detur had booked us on a flight early Friday morning. But we were already late – and our passport was with the bike rental company. Then there was no chance for us to catch the morning flight, he says.

The couple think the news came too soon.

– Detur should at least have given us notice in good time, points out Tønessen.

HOLIDAY: Justyna Wiecheckha-Graczyk and Stian Tønessen on holiday in Alanya. Photo: Private

Although Detur claims that the hotels have been paid for, several customers experience having to pay twice.

– We have been told that we have to pay if we are still going to stay at the hotel. We feel we have no choice.

He also says that they have considered other options for returning home, but that it is far too expensive.

Claims a discount

According to the Consumer Council, the company has the right to cancel upcoming trips, but the consumer is then entitled to a full refund.

– The travel company cannot shorten ongoing journeys, and the families who are on the trip now can legally demand to complete the journeys as agreed, says senior legal advisor Thomas Iversen.

The Consumer Council says that the uncertainty associated with a possible shortened holiday can lead to a certain deterioration of the actual purpose of the trip, typically relaxation and holiday time.

– A deterioration can in itself give grounds for a price reduction, even if the journey is ultimately carried out with the original scope.

JUSS: Senior legal advisor at the Consumer Council, Thomas Iversen, says the company cannot shorten ongoing journeys, and the families who are on the trip now can legally demand to complete the journeys as agreed.  Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

JUSS: Senior legal advisor at the Consumer Council, Thomas Iversen, says the company cannot shorten ongoing journeys, and the families who are on the trip now can legally demand to complete the journeys as agreed. Photo: Jonas Been Henriksen / TV 2

Entitled to free travel home

TV 2 has asked Iversen to comment on the situation Tønnessen and his partner are in.

– In my view, these passengers are entitled to have their holiday completed as agreed, without additional cost. The organizer does not have the opportunity to cancel the package trip while the trip is in progress, unless there are natural disasters, war or the like at the destination, says Iversen to TV 2.

He goes on to say that if the couple chooses to pay for something that they originally paid for, such as hotel accommodation, then it may be smart to pay only for one night at a time while waiting for a solution and more information from Detur.

– If there is no solution to continue the holiday, then the couple is entitled to a free journey home at a new time, as well as a discount for the part of the holiday that was not carried out, says Iversen.

In addition, the passengers will be entitled to compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of the changes in the travel plans.

– That the couple did not make the first flight must be Detur’s risk, since not everyone can be expected to see messages at such short notice and also not be ready to travel at such short notice.

Although the couple had many plans for the rest of their holiday, they have now received a new return from Detur.

– Now it looks like we will fly to Billund in Denmark on Sunday afternoon. We have booked ourselves in the same hotel until departure, says Tønessen when he updates TV 2 on Friday evening from Turkey.

The couple has already bought a package trip with Detur to Alanya next year.

– We don’t know if we will be able to complete that trip. We are entitled to money anyway, he says.

Read the full response from Detur here:

The last few years have led to turbulence and challenges beyond what is usual for the travel, transport and tourism industry.

First a pandemic that put a lid on the travel and hospitality industry globally, and then during the restart process; passport problems, problems at airports and destinations that have been closed for a long time and strikes at airlines and airports have made the journey back longer and more difficult than expected and hoped for.

The fact that there is now also an ongoing war in Europe which affects the economy with inflation and a weaker currency and energy shortage which causes the travel base to fail, at the same time as the cost of aviation fuel increases sharply, has made the business situation troublesome and it leads to the need for a restart to ensure a healthy company.

Detur has therefore decided to review operations in order to carry out a restart with recapitalization of the company at the same time as a reorganization is carried out, including the introduction of improved and developed technology to better meet the challenges of the future in the best way.

As this involves changes in the organization and in the organisation’s processes, production and operational activities will be temporarily paused for a period. The remainder of the 2022 charter season will be cancelled.

We apologize for the inconvenience and problems this may cause for the travellers, whose journeys will now not be operated.

But it is unfortunately necessary to create the organization required to be a strong and healthy company in the future.

We will share all developments in the process and the new working model as soon as possible.

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