Stiftung Warentest: Hiking shoes: Remove the insole to dry

The feet are glowing and the shoes are steaming. Drying is the order of the day after the hiking tour – and gently, without too much heat.

After long hikes, steam sometimes comes out of your shoes after you take them off. A sign that your feet have sweated a lot – the inside of the shoes is correspondingly damp.

To ensure that everything dries well, Stiftung Warentest recommends opening the shoes wide and removing the insoles. These dry much better separately.

Do not dry wet shoes with heat

Even if it may seem effective: Damp shoes should not be allowed to dry directly next to a running oven or a hot radiator – the material, especially leather, suffers as a result.

Instead, it is sufficient to leave the shoes on the open shoe rack or in a warm room, writes the foundation in its “test” magazine (10/2022). (dpa)

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