“Still fat, but got better”: Pietro Lombardi has lost 15 kilos

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The comparison of the two Instagram stories clearly shows: Pietro Lombardi has lost quite a bit of weight in a month. © Screenshots Instagram/pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi decided to get in better shape and lose weight. Now, a month later, he is showing the result on Instagram. Lombardi has lost “easily 12-15 kilos”.

Croatia – It’s been a good month since Pietro Lombardi (30) filmed himself in his house in Cologne in the mirror and explained to his entire Instagram followers: “I’m fat”. The DSDS star wanted to radically work on himself and trained hard in the gym. Now he is satisfied with the result.

Pietro Lombardi shows the result of his training shirtless

After the singer spoke honestly on social media about his dissatisfaction with his stomach, Pietro Lombardi felt ashamed. But the before and after comparison is all the more impressive: A lot has happened in the month between his story on May 11th and now, on June 18th. Lombardi poses shirtless in his videos, funnily enough with the same cap and both times he stands in front of a mirror with his cell phone.

The balance of the 30-year-old, who just announced his love comeback with Laura Maria Rypa, was pretty good in his update story: from “I’m fat” to “Not fat anymore – so a little”. At least that’s what he writes about his video and also describes his fitness results: “He lost 12-15 kilos easily”.

“Still fat, but got better”: Pietro Lombardi has lost 15 kilos

Pietro Lombardi put it literally (Life and career of the DSDS star) even a bit more drastic: “My body is not that bad. I swear on everything, honestly, I’m right… well, the sides are real… still fat, but gotten better.” In any case, he seems satisfied with his transformation and his girlfriend Rypa also made it clear that she fully supports him in his weight loss project.

Pietro Lombardi’s fans definitely love him for his honesty. When Laura Maria Rypa served her Pietro Lombardi pasta with butter and sugar, he quickly waved it off and commented: “Disaster, really”. Sources used: instagram.com/pietrolombardi

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