Stings in the evening: two men in detention in Toulon, syringes found

The two men, of Turkish nationality, “both dispute the facts“, added the public prosecutor of Toulon Samuel Finielz, confirming information from Var-matin.

The investigation had been opened by the police station of Sanary-sur-Mer (Var) after the complaint of a young woman, born in 1997, claiming to have been a victim, on the night of June 10 to 11, in a nightclub of Six-Fours-Les-Plages (Var) with a prick in the elbow. She had denounced two individuals.

The exploitation of video surveillance tapes of the nightclub has “identified the actions of two people consistent with what the victim described“, specified the prosecutor of Toulon.

Judicial police officers then carried out surveillance in the establishment, until they spotted one of the two suspects, arrested and placed in police custody on Saturday.

In the second suspect, arrested on Sunday thanks to his telephone exchanges with the first, the investigators found four syringes, two needles and injectable ampoules of a drug issued only on prescription, indicated the representative of the prosecution, without specifying what it was. medication.

The suspect in whom these medical devices were found assured that they belonged to his wife, a nurse. The latter, who works in a health establishment, had no reason to detain them at home, according to Mr. Finielz.

The Toulon public prosecutor’s office has requested the opening of a judicial investigation for violence having led to a temporary interruption of work (ITT) of less than 8 days with aggravating circumstances (use of a weapon, assembly and premeditation) and administration of harmful substances having led to an ITT, facts for which the alleged perpetrators incur 7 years in prison.

In a national context where many complaints have been filed by people claiming to be victims of injections, the Toulon prosecutor pointed out that the young woman from Six-Fours had suffered discomfort “immediately after the events and in the week that followed“.

Medical conditions confirmed by a medical examiner, “which nevertheless suggests that there was an administration of harmful substances“, continued the prosecutor, specifying that “this qualification must however be confirmed by the results of the toxicological examinations“.

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