Stork on Utøya: – Everything we stand for is threatened

Major guests Utøya on day two of the youth party’s summer camp, and speak to Bakken.

It is the first time a Norwegian prime minister has spoken at AUF’s summer camp on Utøya since 2010.

The fight against extremism in various forms became an important theme in Støre’s speech.

– The fight against extremism; which the AUF has as a historical mission to face – it derives its power from here, said the prime minister, referring to the terrorist attack against the AUF on Utøya on 22 July 2011.

– The fight against extreme forces in the world is a fight for life and death, says Støre.

– Threatened

The Labor Party leader praised the AUF leadership for how they have raised the fight against extremism as a political issue, and pointed to it as the great issue of our time.

– Everything we stand for is threatened by extremism, said Støre.

He pointed out that Norway is not immune to extremism either, and referred to the terror in 2011, the shootings at the mosque in Bærum in 2019 and the shootings in Oslo on 25 June this year.

Dangerous outsiderness

Støre showed how equalizing social differences, and making it fairer, is one of the most important things that can be done to prevent “dangerous outsiders”.

He pointed out that the government has made after-school education cheaper and free for many with low incomes, and that they are also working to strengthen the electricity subsidy scheme for households.

– We must ensure that we have enough electricity in Norway. At the same time, we must produce more green power, said Støre.

Støre told how he is often asked if he feels he has had bad luck because he is prime minister right now, when international conditions have contributed to higher prices for fuel, electricity and food.

Noe Støre from the podium rejected:

– Norway has been lucky that we are in charge now, says Støre, who believes Labor will have the best solutions to today’s major challenges.

Did not respond to tax claims

AUF leader Astrid Hoem made a demand on Thursday for the parent party to reintroduce the inheritance tax.

– We will be clear to the Labor Party that we need a new generation tax on inheritance, Hoem told TV 2.

The inheritance tax was abolished by the Solberg government in 2014, and Ap does not have in its program that they want to reintroduce it.

Støre also did not address AUF’s tax claim in his speech.

– It may be that the inheritance tax will look different. The most important thing is to screw it up so that those who have the most have to contribute more to the community, believes the AUF leader.

Large-scale visit

AUF is Norway’s largest youth party.

It is now holding the first full-scale summer camp on Utøya since 2019, due to the pandemic.

Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) and Knowledge Minister Tonje Brenna (Ap) are also visiting Utøya today.

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