Storm of love: Shirin gets on the trail of the Schwarzbachs

“Storm of Love” – Does Shirin get justice?

“Storm of Love” fans have to be very strong this week. Due to the World Cup in Qatar, the ARD Daily is canceled several times. Nothing will change in the coming weeks for the time being. The sports tournament finally goes until December 18th. The German team starts the competition on Wednesday at 2 p.m. The game will be shown in the first, which is why the Fürstenhof has to pause here as well as on Friday. Shirin finally has some hope for this after her diagnosis hit her hard.

The broadcaster writes about the episode from Thursday, November 24th: “Deeply devastated, Shirin struggles with her helplessness. Even a generous check that she receives from an anonymous donor can only cheer her up for a moment. When Yvonne cleans the apartment, she realizes Shirin the smell of the cleaning agent. She is sure that it is the same thing that burned her eyes. She would like to know from Yvonne where she got the cleaning agent from, because she wants to hold the person responsible for her accident accountable.”

The culprits are the Schwarzbachs, but they have other concerns. Markus blackmails his wife Alexandra into staying with him. She loves Christoph, but cannot give in to her feelings.

“Storm of Love” always runs Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m. in the first. Immediately after the linear broadcast of an episode, the next one is already online first and then for three months in the .

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