Storm rages in Bavaria: tree kills cyclists – young person seriously injured

Bavaria, Wang: A woman shovels hailstones after a severe storm in the Freising district.Image: dpa / Armin Weigel

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It stormed, hailed and rained heavily on Monday in parts of Bavaria. With serious consequences. This is the case with a heavy hailstorm in the Upper Bavarian district of Freising on Monday evening A 53-year-old cyclist was killed by a falling tree. A 15-year-old pedestrian and a driver were seriously injured by falling trees, the police reported.

Chaotic conditions, failed ventilators, road closures

In the city of Moosburg an der Isar, which has around 20,000 inhabitants, and in several communities in the surrounding area, the power went out: “Everything is in the dark,” said the spokeswoman for the district office.

The Technical Relief Agency set up an emergency power supply for retirement homes where ventilators had failed. Train traffic between Freising and Landshut in Lower Bavaria was blocked up to and including Tuesday due to storm damage.

In some places, however, the storm only passed briefly, but with full force, as the video by a Twitter user shows.

A cyclist dies, a 15-year-old is seriously injured

The head of the police department in Moosburg, Christian Bidinger, said that a 53-year-old man from Baden-Württemberg and his wife were surprised by the storm on a bike path in Moosburg. A falling tree hit him hard. His wife was unharmed.

A 15-year-old who was walking with a friend on the banks of the Amper was seriously injured by a tree and flown to a Munich hospital in a rescue helicopter. The friend was unharmed. In Au in der Hallertau, a car was hit by a tree and the driver was taken to a clinic with serious injuries.

Power outages late into the night, 400 people on constant duty

District office spokeswoman Eva Zimmerhof said in the evening that the Moosburg area is currently without electricity across the board and numerous lines have been destroyed. The power outages are expected to continue into the night. District Fire Councilor Manfred Danner, who was on site as head of operations, said that a main power line had been torn down and that the municipal utilities were working on it. The district called on neighbors to help if necessary and to reduce their own power consumption via rechargeable batteries and batteries to the bare minimum.

400 emergency services were deployed against the storm damage.

400 emergency services were deployed against the storm damage.Image: HMB Media/ Heiko Becker / Heiko Becker

Fire brigade, THW, police and rescue services are deployed with 400 emergency services. Roads were also closed due to the storm damage. There were large amounts of hailstones on sidewalks and roads.

The German Weather Service (DWD) had warned of extreme thunderstorms in Upper and Lower Bavaria and declared the highest warning level 4. Staying outdoors should be avoided.

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