Strategy under review in La Plata due to the jump in Covid-19 cases

Strategy under review in La Plata due to the jump in Covid-19 cases

in recent days, little influx to the vaccination center of 4 between 51 and 53 / file

The fluctuation of Covid-19 cases, with increases, decreases, and plateaus at the top and bottom, lead to permanent revisions of health strategies. Just a few days after it was thought of reducing the number of vaccination posts due to the drop in demand for the application of the third and fourth doses, now, in the face of the growth of infections that has been registered in the Region, from the ministry The Health Department of Buenos Aires pointed out that “for the moment” the same scheme of the operation implemented for a year will be maintained, while the same sources clarified that this does not mean that in another scenario the campaign against the pandemic cannot vary.

It happens that last week two moments converged within the context of the pandemic. On the one hand, a large number of neighbors had been relaxed after a string of months of very few infections and did not attend to apply the booster doses; Thus, at the clinics, the vaccination staff spent a long time without receiving users. And at the same time, the cases began to rise and from the health portfolio the alert was given. “We are seeing an increase in cases of coronavirus because the Ómicron BA.2 variant is circulating,” said the Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, while urging the population to complete the vaccination schedules, precisely, to avoid a transmission of vertiginous disease.

Days ago, from the Sanitary Region XI (which corresponds to La Plata, Berisso, Ensenada and other districts of the Zone) it was confirmed, with numbers, the drop in the initiative of the neighbors to apply the reinforcements. According to this estimate, until last week, a total of 3,380,204 people had been immunized against Covid-19, 1,362,378 corresponding to the first dose, 1,244,308 to the second, 636,476 to the first booster and 137,042 to the second booster. . It was clarified, however, that the fourth application currently includes health personnel, people 50 years of age or older and people over 12 years of age with immunocompromise. There is still a range of the population without the possibility of being vaccinated.

Likewise, the head of the Sanitary Region XI, Manuel De Battista, attributed the drop in the demand for vaccination, in large part, to the fact that for the last reinforcement four months must be waited from the last inoculation and then he maintained that many people are waiting that “that term is fulfilled”.

Another detail that coincided with the decrease in the rate of vaccination was the fact that as soon as the government launched the call for the fourth dose, it sent some shifts via the Buenos Aires Vaccinate App, but immediately stopped communicating it and many of the people who applied it waited for the four months after the first reinforcement and went to a post on their own, without being called by the system.

The Secretary of Health of the Municipality, Enrique Rifourcat, assured that “the cases are rising in parallel throughout the country; in the last three weeks we have seen an increase of 48 percent, while in the rest of the country it is in the order of 53 percent, so the difference is small, but there is low symptomatology and no serious cases are being recorded “, said the official and added: “for about 25 days the BA2 variant of Ómicron was detected; this was expected, so there is no need to be alarmed”.

Rifourcat was concerned last week about the possibility that the Province would reduce the number of vaccinations and raised that concern with Buenos Aires Health officials, even requesting that if they take that measure, they transfer the management of the anti-Covid immunization campaign to the Municipality. 19. “Now we are having an increase in cases, so I don’t think the clinics will decrease,” said the local Health Secretary.

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