Stray on Game Boy: Puss of Annapurna is a 2D pixel spectacle

Published on pc, Playstation 5 And PS4, Stray it was one of the most popular and appreciated indie games of 2022, also achieving good results in terms of sales. To someone the adventure published by Annapurna Interactive liked it so much that they even made an imaginary version for Game Boy.

Thanks to the efforts of Youtube channel 64 Bitswho has previously made demakes for some of the most popular videogames of the current gaming market, we can see how the title developed by BlueTwelve Studios if it was released in the early 90s on the historic portable console Nintendo. Set up as a 2D platform and with the inevitable yellow and green graphic filters typical of the famous “brick”, Stray appears to be a very intriguing game even in this guise.

The care taken by the authors is such that the game seems to have really come out directly on the Game Boy, offering visuals and animations that would have made a great impression at the time. 64 Bits recreated i first levels of the original adventuresuch as the sewers and the first inhabited center, as well as reproducing the first escape from the Zurks, and there is no shortage of introductory, start and end stage screens.

Would you have liked to play Stray on Game Boy? Returning to the present, the work BlueTwelve Studios is among the nominations for the GOTY at The Game Awards 2022, together with productions of the caliber of Elden Ring And God of War Ragnarok. However, there were some discussions: not everyone accepted Stray’s candidacy for the GOTY, thus prompting Annapurna to respond in a rather original way.

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