Streaming charts: Marvel has no chance against Netflix

Streaming charts: Marvel has no chance against Netflix

Netflix and Disney Plus are both pursuing the same goal, but using different strategies. With the fat years of exorbitant growth in the streaming industry appearing to be over, the two giants are primarily concerned with retaining existing customers. This is despite price increases and changes in terms such as account and password sharing. But how do you manage to keep subscribers on board? With exclusive content. And while Disney acquires well-known franchises and exploits them for its own streaming service, Netflix relies on in-house productions and the development of new brands.

Netflix or Disney Plus – who is more successful?

The weekly Nielsen streaming charts show how successful the two opponents are with their different strategies. The current figures for US streaming market from the world leader in audience measurement reveal that Netflix the competition left no chance.

In the week of February 13-19 claimed the top dog with the distinctive red logo a total of eight places in the top 10 for themselves. Nielsen measures the streamed minutes for every film and series. The 35 episodes of the Netflix series You with 1.47 billion minutes. In second place follows NewAmsterdam (also Netflix) with 1.05 billion minutes. With Your Place Or Mine The first film in the charts follows in third place. The (you guessed it) Netflix production was streamed for 955 million minutes.

One place behind it is the first series of the competition: Season 1, or the first six episodes of The Last of Us that were published up to that point, was watched 943 million minutes. With bluey the only Disney Plus series in the top 10 can be found at number 8 and 734 million minutes streamed. Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is far behind the hit list with only 579 million minutes streamed.

At least in view of the current streaming charts, Netflix’s strategy of shining with original material seems to be far better received by the audience than the Disney Plus program with all the superheroes from Marvel and the numerous Star Wars real-life series. It remains to be seen how this will affect subscriber numbers in the medium and long term.

Source: Nielsen

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