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Streaming Saudi Arabia GP: where to watch the F1 race in Jeddah live?

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular races on the Formula 1 calendar. With several long straights, there will be many overtakings and the show will be there. For this 2023 edition of the race, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc will start far on the starting grid: they will have to make a spectacular comeback to try to get back to Sergio Perez’s pole position.

If you want to see the Saudi Arabian F1 GP on a streaming TV channel, only Canal+ broadcasts the race in France. It is therefore your only solution to enjoy this high-level race. If you are in Switzerland or Belgium, the local channels broadcast the race for free (you need a VPN for that). Note that the encrypted Canal+ channel necessarily implies subscribing to a subscription with or without commitment.

To watch the Jeddah Grand Prix in HD streaming, it’s here:

I watch the race here

If you are not yet a customer, know that it is possible to subscribe to Canal+ to see the Saudi Arabian GP live. The encrypted string offers an offer at 22.99 euros per month. To follow the free practice, qualifications which generally take place on Friday and Saturday, before the race, you will have to turn to the Canal + Sport offer which is offered from 34.99 euros per month. There are options with or without a long-term commitment.

How to watch Formula 1 in HD?

As we said, in France, the only solution to watch Formula 1 in streaming and this Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah is Canal+. There is also another interesting alternative which consists of going through French-speaking channels which broadcast the F1 race live at no cost. This is the case, for example, with RTBF TV, a Belgian channel, or in Switzerland with RTS, available live on the internet. For this, you need an IP address in these countries with a free VPN for example.

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One thing is certain, Canal+ certainly offers the best comments and broadcast quality in HD, without annoying advertisements. It is indeed the duo of commentators Julien Fébreau and Jacques Villeneuve who will animate this Grand Prix. For their part, Franck Montagny and Laurent Dupin are there to give a professional opinion on various events of the race. At what time and on which channel to follow and on the channel to follow the F1 GP of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in streaming? The start will be given at 6:00 p.m. French time, live in HD on Canal+. Roughly speaking, it will last between 1h30 and 2 hours.

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Whether it’s the F1 race in Saudi Arabia in streaming or all the other future races to come, in France, Formula 1 is broadcast live and exclusively on Canal+ in France. As we pointed out, some French-speaking countries such as Belgium or Switzerland retransmit it via their local channel, respectively RTBF or RTS, all free of charge. However, you must reside in these countries to benefit from it.

Which TV channel broadcasts the Saudi Arabian GP?

Teams and drivers arrive at the start of the season with new energy and a new determination to win the first Grand Prix of the year. The latter are often the scene of exciting races and incredible performances from drivers who want to demonstrate their talent from the first round of the F1 championship. This Sunday at 6:00 p.m., millions of motorsport fans will look for a TV channel to watch Formula 1 live.

Last year, Max Verstappen won the race in Saudi Arabia despite the pole position of Mexican Sergio Perez. For this year, there could be surprises. To be sure not to miss anything, we advise you to go a few minutes early to see the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah in HD streaming.

By choosing the Canal+ formula at 22.99 euros per month, only Formula 1 races will make your subscription to the channel profitable. At the end of May, on the 28th, it will be the turn of the famous Monaco GP, one of the most spectacular F1 season, to follow live HD still on the Canal+ channel.

If you are still wondering which channel broadcasts the Formula 1 GP of Saudi Arabia live, it is therefore towards Canal+ that it will be necessary to turn in France. As we said, it is the only TV channel that has exclusive broadcasting rights on French territory. A few minutes are enough to open an account and watch the first Grand Prix of the 2023 season.

To watch the F1 race in Saudi Arabia, it’s here:

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