Stress management during the Christmas season – Peter Rönn gives 5 tips for managers to make their employees’ everyday work less stressful

ROENN Vitalstrategie GmbH

Stress management during the Christmas season - Peter Rönn gives 5 tips for managers to make their employees' everyday work less stressful


Peter Rönn is the managing director of ROENN Vitalstrategie GmbH. Together with his wife Dr. medical Dorrit Rönn he created the ROENN vital strategy and is continuously developing it further. With its special approach to body detoxification and preventive diagnostics, Vitalstrategie helps people to have a higher energy level and more joie de vivre.

It is not uncommon for the weather changes at the end of the year to cause a low mood among employees. “Especially in the cloudy winter season, when the days are getting shorter and colder, it is important to pay attention to your inner balance and physical well-being,” reminds Dr. medical Dorrit Rönn. “The current crises in the world, concerns about heating costs that are too high and the increasing pressure to deliver results before the end of the year are causing additional pressure on the employees,” explains vital strategist Peter Rönn. Many employees have opposite wishes and needs during the Christmas season: They want to get together with their families, buy carefree gifts and also withdraw to consciously reflect on and let go of the hustle and bustle of the year. Overall, this leads to increased tension and stress. In the following, Peter Rönn explains what managers in particular can do to relieve their employees during this time.

1. Provide sufficient daylight

In winter, the sun comes out less and less and gray days cloud the mood of many employees. Sunlight is an important vitamin D supplier for the body. Exhaustion and exhaustion are often the result. In order to brighten the mood of the employees, managers should therefore ensure that there is sufficient light in the work rooms.

Daylight bulbs can also have a significant effect on mood in cold weather. If you also want to create a relaxed atmosphere, you can use essential oils. Additional preparations as well as foods with vitamin C and zinc also prevent a cold.

2. Keep rooms warm and provide hot drinks

Despite rising energy prices in winter, managers should not save in the wrong place and instead ensure that rooms are heated but not overheated in order to offer employees a comfortable atmosphere. A tip to wear warm socks not only shows care, but also prevents cold feet. Managers who want to show that they are particularly caring can set up a tea station for hot drinks in the office kitchen.

3. Postpone unimportant meetings to next year

In the run-up to Christmas, many employees come under increased pressure to perform. The upcoming company holidays can intensify this feeling. Time pressure is now anything but what employees need in a time intended for reflection. Managers should therefore postpone less important meetings to next year. In addition, feedback talks before the end of the year provide more clarity on goals and help employees to reduce tensions that have arisen at work.

4. Promote healthy eating

Not only the cold anniversaries combined with pressure at work and crises in the world put a strain on both the psyche and body – an incorrectly put together or non-seasonal diet can also be harmful to health. Managers and employees should therefore eat warming and regenerating meals. Stews, potatoes and warming spices such as ginger, chili, garlic, curry, cinnamon, aniseed and coriander can work wonders at home or at work!

5. Create health offers and promote exercise

Physical activity can also be a major mood enhancer. But especially when the weather is cold and wet, many employees have little desire to spend their breaks outdoors. Managers should therefore also create offers as part of company health management that enable employees to do something good for their balance, coordination and muscle strength during breaks or after work. This procedure can prevent slippery surfaces and injuries, especially for older employees.

Do you want to give your employees a stress-free Christmas time and at the same time increase their productivity? Sign up now Peter Rönn and Dr. medical Dorrit Rönn from ROENN® Vitalstrategie GmbH and arrange a free consultation!


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