Strike of air traffic controllers in France: a new notice filed

Last weekend, the aviation sector once again experienced a strike movement. Indeed, organized by all the air traffic controllers in France, this strike caused the cancellation of 50% of the flights scheduled for last Friday.

Repercussions which are quite heavy for the air sector in France. However, according to the national union of air traffic controllers, this social movement does not seem to bear fruit. The reason why, a new strike notice has been issued for the end of the current month of September.

France: new airline strike scheduled for end of September 2022

The previous strike had serious repercussions on flights, travelers having planned to travel during the end of September, should expect a rather dark period, marked by a new strike. Indeed, the air traffic controllers’ union is planning a new strike between September 28 and 30, 2022, reports the Tourmag site.

Even if this social movement will not take place during the weekend, the end of September promises to be complicated for both flights and passengers. Indeed, it is likely to have rather important consequences than the preceding strike. Including for flights to Algeria.

As a reminder, the day before the Friday strike, the national airline. Air Algérie, had announced some disruptions to its program to France. She has let it be known that she will only operate 50% of her flights. This is the same case for Air France which had to cut 55% of its air program to several destinations.

At present, no companion has posted any disruptions to its flights. These announcements should be made in the coming days. And this, before the period of the strike. It should be noted that the national air carrier will provide several connections with France during the period of this strike movement.

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