Strike of carriers: the Police arrested 39 subjects during disturbances on the Central Highway

The agents of the National Police arrested 39 people on Monday during the protests of the transporters’ unions registered on the Central Highway, at the height of Huaycán, in Ate, reported Canal N.

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The detainees were taken from the Huaycán police station and taken to undergo medical examinations in the Cercado de Lima. Commander PNP Mario Bonilla, commissioner of Huaycanindicated that those intervened will be investigated for the crimes of obstruction of roads and against public tranquility.

The relatives of the detainees arrived at the police station in Huaycan to know your legal situation. The Police had to fence the area to prevent them from approaching the unit and causing disturbances during the transfer.

PNP commander Mario Bonilla ruled out that any detainee had managed to escape from the police station. He remarked that the agents are under an immobility order and located at strategic points in the town.


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