Strikes down on bullshit in the League of Legends

League of Legends creator Riot Games has had plenty of reports of bullshit in his game. Now the developer is taking drastic action to overcome the problem.

League of Legends.

Riot Games

In a posts on their websites Riot writes that all-chat – the channel for talking to all players in the match, including opponents – is removed. The team acknowledges that the channel can also be good to have, but believes it creates too many negative experiences.

– While all-chat can be a channel for fun social interactions between teams, and in addition offer playful teasing, the positive sides do not outweigh the negative, Riot explains.

The change happens as part of the upcoming 11.21 update, and will be the only adjustment that happens with the game’s chat functionality. Teammates can still talk to each other, and you can still use “emotes” and talk to opponents after the match is over.

Riot acknowledges that there is also a lot of grumbling in team chat, but believes the opportunity to communicate with teammates is too important to remove.

– We know that this sucks for those of you who just want to say nice things about the opponent’s “skin”, or ask about a dance party in the Baron pit. But we think the switch is worth it to cut down on the ever-growing negativity that all-chat has created in their games.

Riot has not set a date for patch 11.21.

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