Stromae in the FIFA 23 video game soundtrack

A title taken from “Multitude”, his latest album, has been chosen to integrate the soundtrack of the next edition of the game.

The soundtrack for the next edition of the FIFA video game has just been unveiled, and a French-speaking artist will be part of it. A piece by Belgian singer Stromae will be among the 100 titles that will resonate in the football simulation, expected for September 30. This will be the song sons of joytaken from Stromae’s latest album entitled Multitude.

“When I was younger, FIFA video games were a big part of our lives,” the ‘L’Enfer’ singer said in a statement from EA Sports.

“I’ve always been a big fan of it, so to see my music integrated into the game in such a way is surreal and a real honor. I can’t wait for my music to reach new generations and empower my fans around the world to take advantage of it,” he added.

Bad Bunny, Phoenix, Jack Harlow…

The singer will rub shoulders with some of the most prominent international artists of the young international scene. EA Sports announces that hits from the phenomena RosalĂ­a, Bad Bunny or Jack Harlow will also resonate in this new edition of the football game.

EA Games also announces tracks from the British MIA, the producer Labrinth, the French from Phoenix but also from a compatriot of Stromae, Lous and the Yakuza, who made people talk about her in 2020 with her first album gore. The entire FIFA 23 playlist is available on Spotify.

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