Strong collision between two buses in La Plata caused panic among passengers

After 1:30 p.m. on Monday, a serious accident between two buses in La Plata caused panic and nervousness among the passengers who were on board. The accident, which fortunately did not report injuries, occurred when both groups were making their usual route in the area of ​​Route 11 and 85th Street, passing the roundabout.

Sources mentioned to EL DIA that it was the bus of line 202 that hit the 520 squarely, which caused a tremendous scare. “Someone suddenly stopped the 520 and in that second the 202, which was coming from behind, did not have time to dodge it and ended up colliding with the rear,” they said.

Although no serious injuries were reported, there were many who suffered blows as a result of the strong crash. In the place they waited for the SAME ambulance, while the drivers of each line descended and brought calm to those who were above the groups. “The glass was exploded, but it did not come off the micro,” they detailed.

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