Strong growth in coronavirus cases in CABA sets off alarms

The city of Buenos Aires went “from 200 average daily cases (of coronavirus) four weeks ago to more than 1,200 today,” reported Buenos Aires Health Minister Fernán Quirós.

“This is probably the start of a new wave,” the official ruled.

“Four weeks ago we were at about 200 or 300 average daily cases, then we had an increase of 20 percent between week and week and in recent weeks that increase is even greater and we have gone to a thousand, 1,200,” he said during a conference of press.

Despite the attempt by the hegemonic media to minimize the pandemic in order to question the government more forcefully, the truth is that the pandemic is not yet over and continues to affect society and economic activity.

For Quirós, the increase in cases “occurs for many reasons, firstly due to the appearance of cold, this makes us take activities indoors and ventilate less; the second cause is that they are circulating in the city of Buenos Aires and in the rest of the Argentina the new variants of Ómicron”.

Quirós recalled that “in December and January the Ómicron variant BA.1 circulated in Buenos Aires”, which was responsible for a wave worldwide, and now “the BA.2 variant is circulating, which is between 30 and 1 40 percent more contagious than BA.1.”

Thirdly, the Buenos Aires official pointed out that “naturally when the cases drop, we all tend to relax the care measures because this pandemic has us all very tired and exhausted.”

In this context, the minister emphasized that “we have to take care of ourselves again, especially indoors when there is little air flow and we are there for a long time, it is important to use the mask as long as we can.”

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