Strong injection of funds for municipalities and communes

In the framework of Financing Program for Municipalities and Communesthe provincial government granted 18 new loans to local governments. 125 projects are being executed in different stages, with an investment of around 800 million pesos.

The activity was attended by the Minister Minister of Economy Walter AgostoPublic Management, Mark Corachthe Secretary for Integration and Institutional Strengthening José Freyre and the Secretary for Project Coordination, Claudio Vissio.

The new loan agreements imply a investment of 225 million pesos in different localities of the Province. This maintains territorial balances and respects the different political expressions and diversities. The municipalities and communes benefited in this opportunity are: Colonia Rosa, Zenón Pereyra, Clucellas Station, Progreso, Malabrigo, Arrufo, Villa Cañas, Casilda, Nuevo Torino, Bella Italia, María Teresa, Maggiolo, San Jorge, Cayasta, San Mariano, Esperanza , Monte Vera and Correa.

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Agosto highlighted the importance of the program and stated that “we are analyzing another 100 additional projects“. I emphasize that through this financing tool, the municipalities and communes that present management projects can carry out infrastructure improvements in public spaces such as squares and parks. They can also carry out the construction of urban pavement and gravel in streets and accesses and other works. such as storm drains, sidewalks, gutter cordon and street lighting.

Furthermore, by the end of optimize municipal and community management, have the possibility of executing works in public administrative, cultural, social or community buildings. Improve the basic infrastructure of internet connectivity in buildings and public spaces and acquire computer, network and telephony equipment and furniture to improve the quality of citizen service.

“It’s about a instrument highly demanded by local governments, for the flexibility it presents to finance essential activities for local development. The Program also allows the purchase of minor equipment of great help such as: irrigation tank, drag grader, trailer, brushcutters, motorcycle scythes, pneumatic roller, and trucks, among others”, he clarified.

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Through the Financing Program for Municipalities and Communes, the Province will allocate 2,000,000,000 (Two billion pesos) to finance 100% of more than 225 projects between 2020 and 2023 at rates of 20% per year, heavily subsidized by the Province, well below market values, with a 36-month repayment term and a 6-month grace period.

This injection of resources into local economies promotes incorporation of local labor through the participation of local and regional businesses in tenders for the acquisition of various construction materials and equipment. Each municipality or commune can provide labor with its own human resources, thus favoring local workers and operators and domestic economies.

Transfer of resources

In another order, officials of the Provincial Executive Power announced resource transfers and authorizations to Municipalities and Communes to obtain financing in the market.

It was reported that funds will be transferred to local governments for a total amount of $1.2 billion. When consulted on the subject, the Minister of Economy, Walter Agosto, carried out a detailed analysis of said transfers, expressing that $853 million refer to transfers corresponding to adjustments to the co-participation regime, while $350 million correspond to the advance payment scheme corresponding to the regime of the Educational Financing Law.

Likewise, the Province authorized access to financing to 8 municipalities and communes for more than $106 million pesos for the realization of houses and the purchase of equipment. Among the benefited towns are Arrufó, Ramona, Nicanor Molinas, Margarita, Villa Ocampo, Videla and Avellaneda.

In this sense, Minister Agosto pointed out that through this procedure, it is possible to ensure the repayment capacity of local governments, guaranteeing the Province said operations.

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