Strong reactions to the Farmen slaughter: – Brutal as hell

Before Maymona Mohammed (26) arrived at the Farmen farm, there was one particular thing she was skeptical about.

– I have zero experience with farming and animals, she told TV 2 before she was due to travel back 100 years in time.

Viewers of this year’s Farmen quickly learned that the 26-year-old from Oslo and Somalia was not used to animals, and it took time for her to get used to being around them.

Despite this, Mohammed quickly developed a close and loving relationship with the animals on the farm. Therefore, Tuesday’s slaughter of the sheep Rusken was a very emotional experience for the 26-year-old.

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SLAUGHTER: The participants were present when the sheep Rusken was to be slaughtered by a professional who arrived at the farm. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

Feels she should have done more

When this week’s big farmer Andrea Marie Rosli (24) told the contractors that Rusken the sheep was to be killed as part of the week’s mission, both Mohammed and Ivana Miric (28) reacted to this message.

Mohammed quickly left the other contestants, crying as she patted the sheep to be slaughtered.

– I’m surprised that so many people took it for granted, and that it didn’t bother more people, she says, choking back tears in the episode.

– I am fond of animals – and especially sheep, the 26-year-old followed up with.

Miric was also affected by the news of the slaughter, and sought comfort from the large farmer Rosli.

DISAGREE: Ivana (tv in white) and Maymona (th in brown) did not agree on the slaughter that was to be carried out.  Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

DISAGREE: Ivana (tv in white) and Maymona (th in brown) did not agree on the slaughter that was to be carried out. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

– It just came a little early. I might have expected it to happen a little further down…, is all Miric manages to say before she puts her face in her hands and starts to cry.

Miric says she had expected more resistance from herself regarding the slaughter. Before she arrived at the farm, she had decided to stop any slaughter that would take place.

– I feel there is so much I should have done. Be the voice of the poor animal. But then I know that there isn’t much I can do as ten or eleven other people on the farm don’t say anything, and just take it in stride, she explains in Tuesday’s episode.

– Brutal as hell

When the butcher arrives at the farm, Maric chooses not to participate. Mohammed does the opposite, deciding at the last minute to witness the killing. She wanted to be there for the sheep.

Mohammed has a very emotional reaction after the shot is fired, and she believes that the sheep is suffering.

– It’s just cramps. He is dead. So it’s just death convulsions that they have. He doesn’t know anything, Bente Rabba (54) explains as she comforts Mohammed.

BREAKS DOWN: Maymona breaks down in tears when she witnesses the killing of Rusken the sheep.  Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

BREAKS DOWN: Maymona breaks down in tears when she witnesses the killing of Rusken the sheep. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

– That Maymona thought it was very sad – I understand that. But I was impressed by her, she was there. I also think it was difficult, but it is more natural for me, says Rabba later in the episode.

After the killing, Mohammed goes down to Miric for comfort and support.

– It went quickly, then. So it went well. I don’t think he noticed it, says Mohammed to Miric, choking back tears.

– It went very quickly. But it was brutal as hell, adds the 26-year-old.

Something that the viewers do not get, however, is Mohammed’s physical reaction to the slaughter.

Physical reaction not shown on TV

Although Mohammed’s tears and emotional reaction are widely covered, TV 2 has learned that the 26-year-old spat after the killing.

– The sheep to be slaughtered is the one I liked best. So it’s extra heavy, she says in the extra clip TV 2 has been sent.

She then tells the camera about how her body physically reacted to seeing the sheep dead.

– I was sickened by witnessing so much blood. It didn’t have much to do with my relationship with Rusken, but it was a disgusting sight. So I threw up, yes, she elaborates.

See Maymona’s reaction in the video window below

Press manager at TV 2, Jan Petter Dahl, commented in a case published earlier today why the channel chooses to include slaughter on Farmen.

– In Farmen, we take the participants and viewers back to farm life as it was in Norway 100 years ago. At the time, slaughtering was a natural part of farming.

Dahl also confirmed that the entire animal is used by the participants, and nothing goes to waste.

– As much as possible of the animal was used for useful purposes after slaughter on the farm. The meat was used for food in the weekly assignment, the entrails were given to the participants, the brains were used for tanning, bones for bone flutes and skins were used for fur boas, says TV 2’s press manager, Jan-Petter Dahl.

You can see the farm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 21:40, and Sundays at 20 on TV 2, and whenever you want on TV 2 Play.

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